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You cannot reverse the flow of the Mississippi River; you cannot reason with a crying baby; you cannot unsplit the atom; you cannot put the Genie back in the bottle; AND you cannot get a dedicated Sherlockian to shut up about Sherlock Holmes! Trust me, I know! I’ve had this strange aberration since childhood and I am convinced that there is no cure for it this side of the grave.

John Clayton

Subnote: John Clayton shares his name with a cab driver in Doyle’s story “The Hound of the Baskervilles.” He also shares it with the name of a Scion of the Baker Street Irregulars called “The Hansoms of John Clayton,” based in Peioria, Ill.

Clayton goes on to remark: “Arthur Conan Doyle tapped into the cosmos and created an archetype. He paid a price for it. He could never escape the shadow of his own creation.

"The late Dame Jean Conan Doyle called Sherlock Holmes the ‘family curse.’ Like Frankenstein’s monster, Holmes haunted Doyle for the rest of his life, eclipsing everything else that he tried to accomplish."

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